Why Spink?

Spink have many years of experience working with charities and patient organisations, whether it has been working in collaboration to lobby for better outcomes for MS patients, creating engaging educational materials to provide better support for people with Parkinson’s disease, gathering rich insight to help steer a behaviour change model for people with psoriasis or delivering award winning public affairs campaigns to raise awareness of prostate cancer. For more information about our behaviour change campaigns, just drop us a line.

We are Spink. Health Changing Communications

A few examples of our work.

Orchid: Testicular Cancer

We were challenged…
To raise awareness of testicular cancer amongst the hard-to-reach young men of the UK and encourage them to self-check for the condition.

We developed…
A #checkyourchaps campaign, which included a live ‘on air’ testicle check during the launch. The campaign targeted mums and partners, encouraging them to talk to the men in their lives about the signs of testicular cancer and how to check.

We influenced…

  • #checkyourchaps to trend on Twitter
  • 138 items of coverage
  • Celebrity and NHS support of the campaign
  • 1 viewer to contact the show to inform them that her husband started treatment for testicular cancer following the campaign
  • Jeremy Kyle to check himself, to then find a lump, which then saved his life following treatment


'Securing political attention for your campaign' - read more on the #FaceUpToProstate Cancer campaign.

Orchid: Prostate Cancer

We were challenged…
To create and deliver a PR campaign that raised the profile of Orchid and maximised the impact of Orchid’s annual ‘Male Cancer Awareness Week’ amongst the public, politicians and healthcare professionals.

We developed…
An expert-led report, which acted as the catalyst to a multi-channel campaign that highlighted the issues that the UK will face, unless action is taken, to address the rise in prostate cancer cases. As a result of the report, the #FaceUpToProstateCancer campaign was launched, which encapsulated the public, professionals and MPs nationwide.

We influenced…

  • MPs to invite Orchid to set-up and chair the first ever male cancer All Party Parliamentary Group
  • 34 MPs to engage with the campaign including, as well as campaign engagement from NHS Choices and NHS England
  • Over 120 pieces of coverage, including 4 TV broadcasts
  • An award from the PMEA for best digital campaign 2018

Multiple Sclerosis Society

We were challenged…
To overturn a negative NICE appraisal and end the postcode lottery for MS patients who need essential treatment.

We developed…
A lobbying platform, 'Action for Access' and a comprehensive pack of materials to mobilise patients from the MS Society to lobby their local MPs and NHS officials. Numerous media briefings throughout the NICE appraisal process drove positive news coverage, as well as media placement of patients from the MS Society as positive case studies.

We influenced…
A successful shared funding scheme and access to effective treatment for thousands of MS patients, by securing a deal with NICE.


If you would like to see further examples of our work on specific therapy areas or audiences, please contact Jo at: jo@spinkhealth.com

What our clients say.

“Well done on all your work for the NGS festival and congratulations on all the national coverage - a real testament to your hard work with all the charities.”

— Macmillan Cancer Support
“The Spink Team continue to deliver the perfect outcomes for Orchid. We now have a stronger presence in both the political and public arena.”
— Orchid - Fighting Male Cancer

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