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Claire Naylor

Media Relations Lead

I currently lead on media relations for the agency, focusing on building strong, collaborative relationships with journalists and implementing impactful, outcome focused campaigns.

Coming from a healthcare professional background, and having spent four years working for the NHS, I am passionate about health. In my role as Campaign Manager I enjoy the challenge of immersing myself, and rapidly building up my knowledge, in a variety of health and disease areas. Making the transition into healthcare public relations was a natural fit and I have been with the agency since 2014. Advanced communication skills and delivery of tangible results have been of the utmost importance throughout my NHS and PR career. My previous experience with the NHS has also allowed me to apply an understanding of the challenges that healthcare professionals, and patients, face on a daily basis which is a valuable insight in the healthcare communications industry.

Moving from the NHS into a creative role has also been an exciting challenge, and Spink has provided the ideal environment to grow and hone my creative skills.

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