Dettol Product Launch 

Spink identified that engaging with new mums was key to ensure the success of a new product to kill germs in laundry.   An emotive campaign was developed focusing on baby blankets encouraging mums to share their baby blanket memories and donate blankets to children in need.    Celeb mum Rachel Stevens was recruited to front the campaign which partnered with UK childrens' charity SPARKS.   

Using #sharethememories, the campaign created huge discussion and  engagement with mums online including discussions about germs in laundry.   With  over 5 million Twitter engagements , 85  mummy blogger posts,  a campaign vodcast organically seeded on 85 parenting  sites, 250 pieces of consumer coverage  with a reach of over  250 million.

A further measure of campaign engagement was the hundreds of baby blankets donated to children  in Uganda.

The resulting sales for the new laundry cleanser for Dettol smashed all targets. 


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