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Luke Paskins

Digital Lead

As lead on digital activities, I manage a variety of social and online campaigns at Spink, from developing online social strategies to amplifying content to an online audience. 

I joined as an intern at Spink after completing a business degree at university. From day one, I knew that Spink was exactly the sort of company I wanted to work for, with a fantastic ethos and team spirit. Through a structured personal development programme, I was soon offered full-time employment within the agency and haven’t looked back since.

During my time at Spink, I have benefited from the opportunity to further my study whilst working. The agency is currently supporting me as I complete a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, providing flexible working, study time and financial support. 

I have a particular interest in the fast-moving social and digital landscape and look forward to seeing how this shapes the marketing and communications industry in years to come.

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