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James M. Butcher

Public Affairs Lead

I head up the public affairs arm of Spink, leading on national and international political engagement campaigns and stakeholder engagement, as well as bringing the agency a depth of political knowledge. Following my degree in politics, I spent two years in UK Parliament and have served on a local council for five years. Spink are constantly expanding my healthcare expertise and have been very supportive of my current role as a Public Member within a Clinical Commissioning Group.

Spink has fuelled my political interest and allowed me to expand my knowledge and expertise.  As an agency, we are passionate about the impact of policy on healthcare outcomes and have a very dynamic approach. This has resulted in some fast-moving political campaigns aimed at driving policy and engaging with key stakeholders. One day I can be in Brussels meeting with MEPs and European patient groups, the next hosting an All Party Parliamentary Group at Westminster. 

One of the great things about Spink is that they recruit from a range of backgrounds ensuring that there is a real depth of insight and experience within the team.

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